Chef Susan recommends Isagenix to complement her gourmet food

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins are everywhere - no one escapes them. They are in our shampoos, cleaning products, makeup, in new home construction, preservatives in food, in our air and water - not to mention the chemical toxins created by stress.

How can I cleanse my system, and what exactly am I cleaning?

Everyone can benefit from detoxification. I personally do a 9 day cleanse, every 90 days. (A liver cleanse not a colon cleanse, there is a BIG difference) The liver is the purification organ of the body, and to help keep all your organs and systems at their healthy best the Liver needs to be cleansed periodically of toxins. It is recommended that everyone should do a cleanse every 3 months.

How can I get the cleanse you mentioned?

If you would like to give your body the healthiest GIFT you can, please check out my Isagenix web site. You can order the 9 day cleanse for life system on this site:

What happens when I get rid of the toxins?

When I cleanse it revitalizes my body in every way. My brain functions much better, I see better, I feel more energetic and I am renewed and revitalized in every way!

The body naturally surrounds toxins with FAT to protect vital organs from damage. An added bonus of cleansing is when you remove the excess toxins from the body you are facilitating a better metabolism at the very least. Many people lose 5-10 pounds on a 9 day cleanse, and many inches in places you would never imagine (your face, chin, arms under arms, etc) and all the usual spots.

Is there anything else I can do to remove the toxins?

In addition, when doing a 9-day or 30-day cleanse I can cook meals for you that are highly nutritious and wholesome for ideal cleansing results! It is very important that you put the best "fuel" in your body during a cleansing period. You can get the double benefit of tasty meals that work great with your cleanse.

If you have any questions on Isagneix or the systems available please email or call me.